«Koala's March Creamy Milk»

«Koala's March Creamy Milk» biscuitwith milky cream filling

Pillows in the form of bear cubs with the image of Koalas in various illustrations. A greatsnackforeverydayforyour child.
  • Ideal solution for a quick nosh;
  • Nutritious breakfast with milk;
  • Various pictures of koalas on each cookie;
  • Glossyandattractivebox;
  • Does not melt at high temperature;
  • Limited portion for your child.

Content in 100 grams of product:

Protein – 3,39g 
Fat– 17,1 g
Carbohydrates– 69,6 g


White chocolate product (hydrogenated palm oil, palm kernel oil, palm oil, hydrogenated rapeseed oil, sugar, lactose, skim milk powder, whey powder, soy lecithin Е322), wheat flour, waxy corn starch, cooking sugar, white sugar, egg melange, invert sugar, soda (raising agent Е503ii), salt, coloring (dextrin, propylene glycol, “caramel” coloring (Е150d)), aromatizer, identical to natural «milk», soda (raising agent Е500ii). It is contraindicated in individual intolerances of gluten (flour), milk, egg protein and soya.

Additional information:

Keep in dry place at temperature (8-24)°С, relative humidity no more than 75%. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 15 months.
Weight of package: 37g.