Chocolate Pie Strawberry

"Here comes the new Chocolate Pie Strawberry! A delicate cake flavoured with summer berries and marshmallow, covered in chocolate. It is worth tasting for everyone!

Confectionery consists of two layers of biscuits, a souffle layer and covered with confectionery glazes. Thanks to individual vacuum packaging the necessary level of moisture is maintained, thus retaining the original taste and freshness of the cake.
  • Beautiful and attractive box;
  • Convenient packaging in separate serving;
  • Perfect combination of tastes;
  • Ideal snack, part of breakfast or dessert;
  • Non-GMO;
  • Free of preservatives;
  • No artificial coloring agents;

Content in 100 grams of product:

Nutrition and energy value (average values) per 100g of product: 1829 KJ/ 437 Kcal

Proteins - 4,1 g.

Fats - 17 g.

Carbohydrates - 65g.                                                                          


Ingredients: wheat baker’s flour of high-grade, sugar, glucose syrup (high-conversion glucose syrup), specialty fat (refined deodorized vegetable oils including hydrogenated, interesterified: palm oil, sunflower oil), cocoa butter substitute (non-hydrogenated, refined palm oil), emulsifier (soy lecithin), water-retaining agents (glycerin, sorbitol syrup), gelatin, egg melange, dried milk product, freeze-dried strawberry powder, raising agents (sodium acid carbonate, ammonium bicarbonate, calcium orthophosphate 1-substituted), thickening agent (xanthan gum), salt, flavouring agent (strawberry), food additive (beetroot red food coloring agent), froth former (hydrolyzed vegetable (soya) protein (HYFOAMA VPN)), acidity regulator (citric acid). The picture is illustrative (strawberries). The food safety management system is HACCP certified.

Additional information:

Store at a temperature of (18 ± 5) °C and a relative humidity of no more than 75%.

Storage period: 12 months.

Available in packaging of 6 pieces and 12 pieces. Weights 168 and 336g.

Weight of one piece: 28g.