Chocolate Pie

«It's a well known since childhood taste of fresh sponge cake with soft delicate filling and covered with a chocolate»

Confectionery product consisting of two layers of biscuit, layer of a soufflé and covered with confectionery glaze.
  • Glossy and attractive box;
  • Convenient package by individual portions;
  • Excellent combination of tastes;
  • Ideal snack, part of breakfast or dessert;
  • No GMP;
  • No preservatives;
  • No artificial colors.

Content in 100 grams of product:

Protein - 4g
Fat - 18g
Carbohydrate - 65g


Fancy white wheat flour, sugar, drinking water, glucose syrup (high-sugar glucose syrup), vegetable fat, vegetable oil, Dutch process cocoa powder, whole milk powder, sweetener (d-sorbitol), water-retaining agent (glycerol), glucose, egg mélange, gelatin, baking agents (baking soda, ammonium carbonate, calcium monophosphate), salt, stabilizers (hyfoama vpn-hydrolyzed vegetable (soybean) protein, xantham gum, polyglycerol polyricinoleate), nature-identical flavoring - vanillin, flavoring «Condensed milk» L-200384 (propylene glycol E1520, ascorbic acid E300), emulsifiers (soya lecithin, sorbitan tristearate). Contains sweetener.

Additional information:

Keep at temperature (18 ± 5)°С and relative humidity less 75%.
Shelf life: 12 months.
Available packages of 6 pcs. and 12 pcs.
Weight of one piece: 28 g.