Fitness Harvest

New Fitness Harvest crackers are dry and crispy biscuits with black sesame.

Sweet cracker with sesame seeds
  • Glossy and attractive box;
  • Convenient package by individual portions;
  • Excellent combination of tastes;
  • Ideal snack, part of breakfast or dessert;
  • No GMP;
  • No preservatives;
  • No artificial colors.

Content in 100 grams of product:

Protein - 7,2g
Fats - 22,8g
Carbohydrate - 68,7g


Wheat flour, vegetable oil (partially hydrogenated palm oil, tocopherol), shortening-I (refined vegetable oils, animal fats, soy lecithin E322, tocopherol), sugar, baking powder: E 341, E500, E503; syrup, refined salt, shortening-II (palm oil, palm oleic oil, tocopherol), malt flour, cheese powder, soy lecithin E322, whey, protease enzyme, flavors.

Additional information:

Keep in cool place at temperature (8-24)°С and relative humidity less 75%.
Shelf life: 12 months.
Weight of package: 88 g.