Cookies Binch

Cookies Binch are highest quality products, the perfect complement for any meetings to a cup of coffee or tea.

Perfect combination of crispy cookies and delicate melt-in-your-mouth chocolate
  • Glossy and attractive box;
  • Convenient package by individual portions;
  • Excellent combination of tastes;
  • Ideal snack, part of breakfast or dessert;
  • No GMP;
  • No preservatives;
  • No artificial colors.

Content in 100 grams of product:

Protein - 7,608g 
Fat - 24,180g
Carbohydrate - 69,750g 


Wheat flour, sugar, ingredients for cocoa (whole milk powder, cocoa mass), cocoa mass, lactose, vegetable oil, shortening from partially hydrogenated palm oil, cocoa butter, processed whole milk powder, invert syrup (sugar, tartaric acid, water), almond powder, soy lecithin E322, butter, baking powder: ammonium bicarbonate, baking soda, citric acid; salt, whey, yeast, artificial flavors: vanilla, milk; vanillin, protease enzyme.

Additional information:

Keep in cool place at temperature (8-24)°С and relative humidity less 75%.
Shelf life: 12 months.
Weight of package: 102 g.